Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Reducing Crime

Everyone has at least one thing that they may want to change in this world. People may want to do something about waste, pollution, crime, etc. In this case, think positive and do something positive so it can benefit the earth and the people living in it. In my opinion I believe that we need to decrease crime especially now that it has been affecting much more people than before. How can we decrease or even stop crime? Hmm, that’s a good question and I’m pretty sure that many people would want to know that as well. There are many ways that we can help in reducing crime. In my opinion I believe that there is no need for guns to even exist, so why produce more? I don’t believe that police officers or any other human being need a gun to defend themselves. If we stop the production of guns and get rid of the ones that had been already produced, I believe we may reduce crime somewhat. What about knives, scissors, and all those sharp objects? Well we can’t stop producing them because those are a few things that we use most, but we can teach children that crime and violence is bad. Probably if children are taught in their childhood that crime is wrong then they might not get involved in violence or in crime. Our government should give out better salaries and have better opportunities for people who are out there in need for a job. This way if everyone has an equal opportunity in having a job and getting better salaries then there may be fewer robberies. There should also be more policemen around the neighborhood so they can help stop any arguments or crime they may see. As you can see there are various ways that the community can help to reduce crime, but there is no way that we can stop crime completely.